The Chemistry Teacher Turned Sculptor

Chris Higgins
Vimeo / Dave Altizer
Vimeo / Dave Altizer / Vimeo / Dave Altizer

Bobby Jaber sculpts clay into geometric forms inspired by chemistry and mathematics. A former high school chemistry teacher from West Virginia, Jaber now lives in Long Beach, California and hand-carves beautiful pieces of porcelain in geometric shapes. Jaber happens to be filmmaker Dave Altizer's great uncle; in this short documentary, Altizer goes inside Jaber's workshop to reveal a little of how this wonderful work gets made. (Altizer shot the film while crashing with his great-uncle during a wedding photo shoot.) Enjoy, and stick around for a fun moment at the very end:

Apparently you can learn more about Jaber's art at his Porcelainia website, but it's down at the moment. I guess too many people are trying to buy his stuff!

(Via Laughing Squid and Colossal.)