Vintage CBGB Shows

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On this date in 1974, the Ramones made their debut at CBGB. Like many bands before (and after) them, the Ramones' appearance at this famed rock venue helped catapult them into stardom. Here, a few more vintage clips of CBGB shows.

The Ramones, 1974

This was the band's first show at CBGB.

Talking Heads, 1975

Live recording of their hit "Psycho Killer."

Blondie, 1975

Debbie Harry performs "A Girl Should Know Better."

The Police, 1979

"Be My Girl, Sally" live from CBGB.

Bad Brains, 1982

Every Sunday, CBGB hosted hardcore bands, many of whom became famous after their matinee appearances. Bad Brains first appeared in a matinee at CBGB.

Guns N' Roses, 1987

See the full show.