The Best of Bo Obama

Erica Palan
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The White House is getting another fuzzy resident. Sunny, a Portuguese water dog, has joined her "big brother" Bo Obama in the Oval Office. Bo, the Obamas' first pet, recently was in the news for a funny Mean Girls-inspired tweet which read, "Bo, stop trying to make fetch happen." Here, a look back at some other Bo moments.

His Debut

The whole Obama family brought Bo to meet the press.

Tug of War

Sometimes, Bo gets a little too excited about the media.

The Littlest Bo

For Christmas, there were four likenesses of Bo around the White House—including one that measured four and a half feet tall!

Increased Responsibility

This fun little clip from BBC News details Bo's "jobs" at the White House.

Famous Friends

Including Betty White!

On the Ellen Show

Bo and Michelle Obama popped into the Ellen Show's tour and did some trivia with the cute tour guides.