“If I Had A Billion Dollars, I Would…”

If you’ve ever had a thought like that, you will appreciate these super wealthy individuals who are trying to make it so you can live forever, live in the ocean, go to space, and do some other insanely cool things.


Being A Pro Athlete Is Great and All…

But being immortalized as a cartoon and being yelled at by Mr. Burns is way better.


Made As You Wait

Add this french fry vending machine to this list.


From the Mouths of Babes

Each of these 10 inventions came from the mind of a child. (Via Presurfer)


Enough About Affleck

Sure he’s going to be the next Batman, but let’s stop bickering about it and focus on these behind-the-scenes facts about the Batman TV series.


Speaking of A TV Series

Ben Stiller is turning his cult classic film Reality Bites into a series.


Not So Fast

Hear the tale of a man who came back from the dead after 45 minutes when his son told him, "Dad, you're not going to die today."