This Is How Kids Envision the Cars of the Future

Charlotte, 12
Charlotte, 12 / GoCompare

You don’t need a driver's license to have big ideas about how cars can be improved. Take it from these kids: When they were asked by the car insurance comparison website GoCompare to draw their visions for the cars of the future, they didn’t hold back. The sketches, first spotted by Co.Design, suggest there are cupcake boosters, rainbow headlights, and shark fin rooftops on the horizon for the auto industry.

GoCompare’s gallery features the original doodles alongside their professionally illustrated counterparts. Some designs take cues from science fiction, as is the case with 11-year-old Paula’s double-decker hover car. The magnetic bottom pushes against the magnetic roads beneath it to glide above the ground. Then, there's 12-year-old Charlotte’s Rainbow Convertible 3000, which uses giant wings to float over traffic.

Power sources include chocolate fuel and rocket boosters. On the practical side, some kids worked electric generators and solar panels into their designs, anticipating the real-world need for alternative energy.

Zach, 11
Zach, 11 /
Isla, 6
Isla, 6 /
Kyre, 11
Kyre, 11 /
Paula, 11
Paula, 11 /
Joel, 11
Joel, 11 /
Boban, 11
Boban, 11 /
Danelle, 11
Danelle, 11 /
Charlie, 11
Charlie, 11 /
Harnitha, 11
Harnitha, 11 /

Kids' dreams for the future extend far beyond cars. Here are some examples of what kids came up with when asked to draw the house of tomorrow.

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All images courtesy of GoCompare.