Before Madden

The 25th anniversary version of the insanely-popular Madden video game is being released today. If that’s too advanced for you, take a trip down memory lane with these gridiron games that came before it.


Eating Outer Space

You should read this article because it’s called “What Would Happen If I Ate A Teaspoon of White Dwarf Star” and it contains the following sentence:

You’d pop it into your mouth and it would fall unimpeded through your body, carve a channel through your gut, come out through your nether regions, and burrow a hole toward the center of the Earth.


Papers, Please

This is not your typical video game. There aren’t invading aliens or zombies or people gathering up coins. In Papers, Please you take on the role of a border patrol agent in a fictional country and must make some really difficult decisions that have human consequences. The game’s website describes it as “A Dystopian Document Thriller.”


The Reality of Phone Addiction

I am really tired of people always being on their phones at all times. This article discusses the growing issue of smartphone addiction and has a very illuminating short film. But I read this article on my phone, so I’m clearly part of the problem.


The Bluths Are Back (Again)

Arrested Development fans can begin rejoicing, because it seems that the tale of America’s most dysfunctional family is far from over.


The Bugs Shall Inherit the Earth

These insects are going to be our doom.


That’s Some Good Coaching

An MLB team coach recently took a moment to give a child in the stands a souvenir baseball - and some great life advice.


This Lady Will Solve All Your Problems

Or any one problem. The advice columnist at our sister publication The Week is here to help. Send your questions to!