Heads Will Roll… Their Eyes?

What can a human head do after it’s been separated from its body?


He Had A Dream

But it was a well-guarded one. That’s why the speech is so hard to find today.


Amazing Illustrated Advice

In 1990, Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson gave an amazing speech at his alma mater, Kenyon College. Now another cartoonist has illustrated that advice in homage to his hero.


That’s One Expensive Drink

The Sourtoe Cocktail can get really pricey if you decide to actually eat the real human toe that comes along with it. You’ll have to check out the story to understand.


Game On

The Gameological Society takes a test run with 12 board games that have yet to hit store shelves.


Keep the Booze In the Bleachers

This is what happens when the athletes do the drinking.


That’s Just Classic Roger Bucklesby

This is the greatest memorial plaque ever.