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So there's an animated YouTube series satirizing the NSA. Yes, really. It's called Codefellas, and it's written by David Rees, of Get Your War On fame. In classic Rees style it's all about the dialogue, though this time the pictures do move a bit (they're rotoscoped). If you're a fan of NSA satire, or John Hodgman (who plays Agent Topple), or you like shows like Archer -- this is for you.

Nine of the twelve planned episodes have been posted. Here you go!

When Topple Met Winters

"As your mentor, I'm going to bludgeon you with some hard-won wisdom."

Meet Big Data

"How did you have time to read all those emails? Are you a witch??"

How to Hack a Website

"Your password is: password123."

The Antisocial Network

"I ate a fax machine in Guam!"

Spy vs. Spy

"I wasn't invited to your top-secret briefing, so I've been catching up on my telenovelas."

Blackmail at 4:20

"All my AmTrak Rewards Points are gone...."

25 Reasons the NSA Should Hire Buzzfeed Staffers

"Lists! It's the only way young people read these days, or so I read in a charticle."

How to Kill Your Boss

"Hey, let's order pizza like the hackers on TV do!"

How to Hack a Telegram

"My policy is to never attend a function where I've done LSD with more than 20 people there. MKUltra was a weird time."