Handmade Pencil Pouches You Won't Find Just Anywhere


Pencil cases are the consummate back-to-school essential—but you won’t find many kids (or grown-ups, for that matter) with these Flossy, handmade versions.  We love the “pen is mightier” implications of the “Choose Your Weapon” pouch and the “my writing implement is akin to a magic wand” implications of the “Mathemagician” pouch.

Shannon and Nicole—a husband and wife statistics-loving team—started their business by making normal distribution plushies (told you they love statistics).  When those fared pretty well, they increased their distribution list! In addition to the normal distribution, the pair began making statistical plushies in all sorts of fun statistical shapes—we’re talkin’ t-distribution, Chi-square, continuous uniform and even such characters as Poisson, Gumbel and Erlang.

As Nicole’s sewing and embroidery skills improved, they branched out into shirts, bibs, posters and, of course, these handy pouches for carrying your mighty arsenal.

Our store is also carrying these “Outlier” baby jumpers that Shannon and Nicole developed—we think it’s a clever way to brag about your baby’s certain awesomeness.

Now, with two daughters, Shannon and Nicole probably have more ideas for nerdy, fun mathematical products than time to make them, but the small business has been a fun outlet for their statistical and creative impulses and we really like their style.

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