Back-To-School is Cause For Celebration!

Jamie Spatola

As a part of the Flossy Back-to-School edition of Floss:Handmade, we've stocked these handmade burlap banners by artist Nikki Hayes. We decorate our homes for so many other holidays and seasons; it seems that a new school year is worthy of a little jubilation. Start a new annual family tradition with this banner, use it as a backdrop for your first-day-of-school photos, or gift it to a special teacher in your life.

A mother of three and an educator herself, Nikki is very familiar with all of the excitement and anxiety surrounding this time of year.  Inspired by children, by color and by whimsical designs, Nikki has turned a casual hobby into a successful small business and essentially a full-time endeavor taking over the basement living area of the family home for use as a work space.

We love the quality of her work and the way that she handcrafts each item as if it were for display in her own home, and we consider these decorative works of art a great way to celebrate all the wonder and excitement of a new school year. "Back-to-School" means back-to-learning which means back-to-fun, in our book!