Tees and Totes Featuring History's Real-Life Superheroes


Fictional superheroes are wonderful—they allow us mere mortals to fantasize about superhuman powers we will never have—but what about the superheroes of history who accomplished uncommon feats with merely human powers? I could go on, but it's a longer topic for another time—all I'm sayin' right now is we have some cool new totes and youth tees in our online store.

And they are cool because they give real-life superheroes the street cred they deserve.

Jane Yeomans and Melissa Goldstein, both photo researchers in the publishing world, found themselves inspired to create their History to a Tee designs by their sons’ love of history. So, they chose some of the people from history that had inspired them the most and worked with a writer/documentarian to develop around a dozen words that state beautifully and succinctly the impact of each:

"I saw no good reason why I should take a backseat to anybody. My name is Rosa Parks."

"I live at the edge of a pond, alone, immersed in the rhythm of nature and time. My name is Henry David Thoreau."

"I discovered the truth in the heavens and man's place in the universe. My name is Galileo."

"I am curious about the nature of living things. My name is Charles Darwin."

"I saved the union and ended slavery. My name is Abraham Lincoln."

Jane and Melissa then search libraries for the perfect photograph to accompany the phrase. They ink the image and text and have their tees printed by an octogenarian screen printer with 60 years of experience in his Manhattan shop.

The result really does paint a lovely picture of what each of these heroes of history accomplished that ought to inspire each of us, even in our mere humanity.