Star Wars Music (and More) as You've Never Heard It Before

Chris Higgins
YouTube / improvelectronic
YouTube / improvelectronic / YouTube / improvelectronic

Richard Grayson* is a classical pianist with a special talent: he improvises classical music around a theme. In these videos, he takes well-known themes from the audience and goes wild.

"The Imperial March" (Darth Vader's Theme) in the Style of Beethoven

Best YouTube comment on this one: "THAT'S NO MOONlight Sonata!"

"Star Wars Theme" in the Style of a Baroque Gavotte

Not quite as awesome as the Imperial March, but quite honestly, this does sound like something you'd hear in a drawing room somewhere.

Annoying Cell Phone Ringtone in the Style of a Renaissance Galliard

Audience member plays ringtone, Grayson makes music.

"Use Ajax, the Foaming Cleanser" as a Tango

For those who remember this tune, this is hilarious.

"It's a Small World" in the Style of Mozart

It's a small, small world.

"Three Blind Mice" in the Style of Scarlatti

See how his fingers run?

"Singin' in the Rain" in the Style of a Chopin Waltz

Apparently this tune is a popular audience request, as Grayson has also done it in the style of Wagner.

* = Note that Richard Grayson is also the name of Robin, of Batman and Robin fame. No relation, I presume.