Go Shopping, Go Stealth

The Privacy Gift Shop sells all sorts of nifty gadgets for the person that wants to remain unseen.


Back to Back to the Future

The AV Club "Pop Pilgrims" series visits Hill Valley.


For All Your Frozen Foods and Frozen Prisoners

This Han Solo refrigerator would be the ultimate conversation piece for your next party.


I’ll Just Stick to Doodling

Very few people can paint very well. Even fewer can paint so well that they create an optical illusion containing two images in one.


From Above

The name of the group How Ridiculous is rather fitting when you see the once-in-a-lifetime basketball shot they made.
(Actually, they claim it took 62 attempts to finally make it. So, I guess it’s more like a once-in-62-tries basketball shot.)


From Way Above

These before-and-after Google Earth images tell amazing, and sometimes awful, stories.


Coming Distractions

Check out this preview of fall films hitting screens soon. A number of these look really, really good.