But Here’s What Really Happened

This article explores the interesting path of the film Clue from box office massacre to a beloved cult classic.


Your Moment of Zen…

Was the moment last night that Jon Stewart sat back down in that seat. It’s been a long three months.


Jack the Tweeter

Jack the Ripper, perhaps the most famous serial killer of all time, is now having his/her story told on Twitter.


What A Sucker

Leeches are not typically the kind of thing people want to be near. Dr. Tim Cockerill is not your average person though. In addition to being a famous fire-eater, he is also a dude that let a leech feed on him for three hours—all in the name of your education.


Fear the Figthing Irish

Notre Dame got some unwanted attention this week when they misspelled their own nickname, but they are certainly not the first to make that type of mistake.


Boom, Roasted!

Here are some of the very NSFW jokes and jabs from Sunday night’s star-studded roast of James Franco. I would really enjoy it more though if every person would punctuate their punchlines with Michael Scott’s classic flourish.