You Never Know

And you never will know—at least not these things.


Art in the Attic

A painting held in an attic in Amsterdam for decades has now been declared to be a real van Gogh.


Who Needs Earth…

When you can just use these weird man-made substances.


He Should Apologize For Spider-Man 3 While He's At It

Two decades ago James Franco egged a house. Now the apology note he wrote shortly after has been unveiled to the world by a CEO who's using it for marketing .


Is There A Doctor in The Room?

Yes, but that’s not him. Check out a guy impersonating a college professor to a lecture hall full of believing freshmen.


RoboCop Comes Home

Unpacking the gigantic foam mold for the forthcoming RoboCop statue in the city of Detroit.


The Haunted-est

I’m not sure how you gauge varying levels of haunted, but someone figured it out, because these are the 10 most haunted objects.