Make Your Own Almond Milk with This Clever Appliance

Jake Rossen
iStock / iStock

For the lactose-intolerant or people watching their calories, the surge of milk alternatives in recent years has been a welcome development. Soy, almond, and other dairy-free choices are abundant. But recreating those milk options at home, like almond milk, can get messy. The brains behind the Almond Cow are offering an alternative.

Funded on Kickstarter in 2017, Almond Cow is a carafe-slash-blender for almond milk production at home. The nuts are ground up using a blender blade; the unit allows water to pass through the resulting pulp, creating a fresh supply of almond milk whenever you want it.

Almond Cow

After soaking the almonds for a minimum of four hours, the process takes about 30 seconds and supplies 1.3 liters of almond milk. So long as you have almonds, you’ll never run out. You can also avoid sugar and other additives some manufacturers introduce to commercial almond milk.

The Almond Cow retails for $175 and is available on Amazon.