These Will Make You :)

These emoji masterpieces really are rather creative.


“If You Want to View Paradise…”

This gorgeous animated short film tells the tale of a scarecrow struggling in a world dominated by factory farming, and features Fiona Apple giving a haunting performance of one of film’s most magical songs.


Picking Up the Patch

The Pacific Garbage Patch is getting bigger and bigger. A 19-year-old named Boyan Slat has a plan for fixing this problem that just might work. And, as his own website states:

“Human history is basically a list of things that couldn’t be done, and then were done.”


Up and Down

A man’s dream of using hundreds of helium balloons to float across the Atlantic Ocean has popped.


That Reminds Me of Lawnchair Larry

If you’ve never heard the tale of Lawnchair Larry, you should take a few minutes and read up on him.


Holy Roller

The Pope’s new car is 29 years old and pushing up on 200K miles.


Better Call Saul

Everyone’s favorite morally-compromised attorney-at-law will be getting more screen time in his own series.