Television's Best Game Show

What is Jeopardy? Here are some of the odder moments from the show’s history.

Did You Know: On April 1st, 1997, Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak switched hosting gigs for the day. Here is Alex Trebek as the host of Wheel of Fortune.


The Man the Olympics Hates

The 1964 Olympics in Tokyo caused Kohei Jinno to be kicked out of his home to make way for the new Olympic stadium. Now that Tokyo has been awarded the 2020 Olympics, guess who is getting kicked out of his home again.



Twenty months after it capsized and fell on its side, killing 32 people, a massive salvage project has succeeded in standing the Costa Concordia back up. Find out what's inside the ship.


He’s Not Clowning Around

A few weeks ago I posted an article explaining why people are afraid of clowns. Well, it turns out that the people of Northampton, England have a very good reason to be afraid, because there is an actual clown popping up around town to terrify people.


Game On

The new GTA game is getting rave reviews. Here are 10 ways the game will blow your mind.


He Approved This Message

If Jeffrey Alan Wagner isn’t elected Mayor of Minneapolis, then what is all this for, really?


Facebook Is Bad With Goodbyes

And they will do almost anything to keep you.