Sesame Street's First Days of School

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The first day of school can be hard for kids of all ages. Thankfully, our beloved friends at Sesame Street have created a ton of videos to help first-time students learn to love learning instead of being nervous. Here, six videos to help you get through a new school year.

Abby Meets Her Classmates

Abby Cadabby starts school and has to meet her fairy tale classmates.

Count von Count's First Day of School

The Count remembers the beginning of his education with a jubilant song.

Professor Grover

Grover schools his students on ... school.

Prairie Dawn's School Pageant

"The Four Seasons" is a production of The Sesame Street Little Theater.

School in the Afternoon

This soap opera parody is narrated by Jon Stone.

Cookie Monster's Day at School

Kermit reports live from the first day of school.