Park(ing) Day Through the Years

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Today was the eighth annual Park(ing) Day, a global open-source event dedicated to reclaiming public space. All over the world, groups designed and created small public parks, called parklets, in parking spaces. The event began in 2005 in San Francisco but evolved into a worldwide movement. Here, a look at some interesting Park(ing) Day projects from years past.

San Francisco, 2006

This parklet was created by Rebar, the group that created Park(ing) Day.

New York City, 2007

"Finally! Grass in Manhattan!"

Honolulu, 2008

Lots of live music made this space a joyful place to be.

London, 2011

At this silly parklet, dandies threw a tea party.

Dublin, 2012

Twister on Park(ing) Day is kind of brilliant.

Dayton, 2012

Yoga, drumming and storytelling were scheduled for this parklet.