RIP: The Nintendo King

Hiroshi Yamauchi, the man largely responsible for bringing Nintendo into your home, passed away today. Let’s pay tribute to his life by checking out this incredible Mario-themed kid's bedroom, these crazy expensive video game cartridges, and some interesting ways to repurpose old games.


Sweet Theme, Sweet Dreams

Why stay in a normal old hotel room when you could instead stay in one of these incredibly detailed themed hotel rooms?


How Did I Miss the Octopus?

The process of scripting, shooting and editing a major motion picture is a long and complicated one. That can lead at times to some pretty glaring errors.


He’d Like to Solve the Puzzle

...The puzzle of how to pronounce that word. A recent contestant on Wheel of Fortune has gained some additional fame due to the fact that he said a word incorrectly while solving a puzzle, and potentially lost out on a lot of money.


Judge A Book By Its Nomination For Its National Book Award For Fiction

Well, that saying isn’t catchy at all. But, anyway, here are the nominees.


The Afterlife of Social Media

Humans die all of the time, but social media accounts never do.


Be Good, Skeletor

Especially to yourself.