Yo, Aaron Paul Was on The Price is Right!

Chris Higgins
YouTube / The Price Is Right
YouTube / The Price Is Right / YouTube / The Price Is Right

Early in 2000, Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul* went on The Price Is Right...and he was SUPER-PSYCHED ABOUT IT. "I'm touching Bob Barker!" he cried, and gleefully played the game, occasionally shouting "You're my idol!" at Barker, who took it in stride.

Of course, portions of Aaron's appearance ended up on YouTube, and are reproduced below for your viewing pleasure. There are various plot twists, inevitably leaving him in a tough spot -- much like poor Jesse Pinkman. Fortunately for Paul, he landed the Breaking Bad role eight years later, so it worked out all right in the end. Set your Enthusiasm-ometer to 11:

And in this clip, Paul deals with a Showcase Showdown (starting at 0:53):

Two notes here. First, I haven't found footage of him spinning the wheel. If anyone can find that, please post links in the comments! Second, there are differing dates floating around regarding when Paul appeared on the show -- the most reliable-seeming source puts it in early January, 2000 though others claim it was 1998. Maybe we should call Mr. White and see what he thinks, because, you know, magnets!

* = full name, Aaron Paul Sturtevant.

(Via Kung Fu Grippe.)