The Yeti, John Green, and PBS Go On the Road

Chris Higgins
YouTube / The Art Assignment
YouTube / The Art Assignment / YouTube / The Art Assignment

If you're a fan of John Green (and you should be), you probably know "The Yeti," John's ever-present but rarely-photographed wife, whose real name is Sarah Urist Green. Now Sarah is taking center stage in a PBS Digital Studios production beginning in early 2014. And yes, John's on board (...creepily). It promises to be awesome. Behold The Yeti, in the Greens' native habitat, YouTube:

Sarah has been the curator of contemporary art at the Indianapolis Museum of Art since 2007. She's leaving the museum gig to bring art to the masses using the interwebs! You can follow the project, as Sarah says, on everything: Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. And you can bet I'll be covering the heck out of this when it begins in earnest. Get excited!

One last nerd note: John has been tweeting about this secret project for a while, yet it didn't leak. Yesterday he tweeted:

And this morning, of course he got back to tweeting about airports:

Stay sleepy and excited, John!