Movies Are Just Getting Dumb & Dumber All the Time

The dumb sequel two decades in the making has officially started filming.


Don’t Have A Cow

Well, you’ll probably will, without even knowing it.



These sports interviews are nothing if not cringe-worthy.


The Time Traveling Web Surfer

John Titor is (was?) a time traveler from 2036 that visited the year 2001 by traveling in a time machine built inside of a 1987 Chevy. While there, he spent five months answering questions about the future. Or so the story goes.


The Cure For A Boring Layover?

Really odd airport art.


Credit Where Credit’s Due

These IMDB credits are all sort of strange.


And Now the Breaking Bad Portion of the Links...

The Meth-od to Web Design

Turn any website into a Breaking Bad-ized website.


Game Breaker

Take a turn as Heisenberg in this Breaking Bad board game.


What A Conclusion

Here now is a sneak peek of the very end of this Sunday’s Breaking Bad finale. WARNING: No actual spoilers ahead.


Wouldn’t It Be Funny If...

Breaking Bad ended this way though? Comedians offer up ideas for funny finales.