The Late Movies: How Do They...?

Chris Higgins
YouTube / NFB
YouTube / NFB / YouTube / NFB

The National Film Board of Canada created a series of "How Do They...?" videos, along the lines of How It's Made (which is itself a Canadian production), minus the narration. The videos are entrancing, largely because there isn't anyone talking -- you just watch the mechanical process and figure it out visually, while listening to the large and small industrial sounds of factories. Sit back and learn how they do these things.

How Do They Recycle Paper?

This is a great example of how sound makes a video -- in parts, it's soothing and inviting, in others harsh and freaky.

How Do They Put the Centers in Chocolates?

Spoiler: it involves making chocolate hemispheres and then plorping the chocolate in there. Warning: this will make you want chocolate.

How Do They Knit a Chain-Link Fence?

This is indeed something I have wondered about. When the knitting really gets going, it goes fast!

How Do They Braid Rope?

"Very carefully?"

How Do They Make Oatmeal Cookies?

Now I want chocolate and oatmeal cookies. My favorite part is the dude at the end enjoying his cookie.

(Via Kottke.)