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$2,000 Bottles of Beer

Hair of the Dog Brewing in Portland, Oregon, put twelve bottles of Dave Beer on sale Wednesday and beer lovers lined up to purchase one -at a price of $2,000! The limited edition was sold out within five hours. Dave is an English Barleywine that is 29% alcohol!

What’s so special about Dave? First brewed in 1994 — that’s right, it’s 19 years old! — it achieves the absurdly-high alcohol level through a freezing process that evaporates water from the brewery’s flagship, 10% ABV Adam ale.

Considering the price and rarity of Dave, it's a good bet most of those bottles have not been opened yet.

Peeing in Theater Leads to SWAT Team Response

An incident at the Bridgeport Village Regal Cinemas in Portland, Oregon, involving multiple law enforcement agencies, turned out to be a comedy of errors that served as a useful police drill. During the movie Prisoners, an elderly man stood up and urinated. It is believed he may have been drinking. The urine fell on a teenager sitting in the row in front of him. This upset a nearby woman who started yelling "Gun!" over and over. Theater patrons began running for the exits, and someone called 911, which led to "a massive response from multiple agencies." The theater was evacuated and police began an investigation. An explanation came from the teenager and his parents. The woman who screamed had been diagnosed with PTSD. The elderly man was not arrested, and the family chose not to press charges. Police say the man is no longer allowed back into the Regal Cinemas at Bridgeport Village.

World Gurning Champ Retains Title

A gurn is a funny face, and gurning is what we often refer to as "making faces." In England there is a tradition of gurning competitions, the most famous being the contest at the Egremont Crab Fair in Cumbria. That competition, held this past Saturday, is considered the World Championship of Gurning. Tommy Mattinson held off all comers to win the title and retained his crown as the world's best gurner for the 15th straight year. Fifteen years as champ is a world record, with second place held by Mattionson's father, who was champion for ten years.

Woman Wins Marathon by Accident

Meredith Fitzmaurice had never run a full marathon before. She was working her way up to that when she entered the half-marathon at the Run for Heroes Marathon in Amherstburg, Ontario last Sunday. But the half-marathon and the full marathon were happening at the same time, and she missed a turn on the half-marathon course. Fitzmaurice just kept going with the other runners. When she realized what she had done, she decided to just run the rest of the way. Fitzmaurice asked an official along the way if her run would be official. He checked with judges and returned with news that it would. As Fitzmaurice approached the finish line, there were only a few men ahead, and no women, so she kept running. She was the first woman across the finish line, and the tenth overall with a time of 3:11:48.

Half-naked Man Who Destroyed Yachts Ran from 'Female Ninja'

Michael Bray was arrested at a Seattle, Washington, marina after he boarded a yacht and began ramming other boats with it. He only stopped when a man on the shore began firing at him with birdshot. Police boarded the yacht and found Bray on the stern wearing no pants.

Bray told them he was a CIA agent running from a female ninja. He also allegedly told one of two officers, "One of you are dead." Court documents confirm Bray was not a CIA agent on the run, but was instead under the influence of alcohol, ecstasy and marijuana. He was taken to the hospital to treat the birdshot wounds on his face and hands.

The estimated damage to the boats is almost half a million dollars. Bray is being held on a $100,000 bond.

Ambulance Stolen with Patient Inside

Brian Timothy Kada Jr. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is facing charges of kidnapping, car theft, and assault after an incident last Friday. Kada approached an ambulance stuck in rush hour traffic on the Schuylkill Expressway. He threatened the ambulance operators with a gun and took off with the vehicle. He drove west on the expressway, weaving in and out of traffic and nearly hitting other vehicles. A tire blew out, and Kada drove the ambulance until it would no longer go, then fled on foot. Police were able to capture Kada. The patient who was in the back of the ambulance during the entire incident was taken to a hospital, with no additional injuries.