The Musical Stylings of Cookie Monster

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October is National Cookie Month, and we feel pretty safe assuming that Cookie Monster is pretty freaking jazzed about this. Here, we've rounded up some of the Sesame Street staple's classic songs in which he professes his love for cookies, grapples with self-identity and struggles with just how many cookies to eat. Pour yourself a glass of milk and settle in for the musical stylings of Mr.! Cookie! Monster!

C Is For Cookie

"Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!"

Share It Maybe

"Pie and ice cream, it don't phase me."

Me Want It (But Me Wait)

"Me can self-regulate."

A Cookie Is a Sometime Food

"But an apple is an anytime food."

You Made Me Love You

"One look at you and me always get the munchies."

Healthy Food

"Not believe how great you feel!"

Me Am What Me Am

"Who care if me eat carrot or collard greens?"