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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

UFO Crashes at Elementary School

Students at North Harringay Primary School in Greater London, England, were surprised to find that a flying saucer had crash-landed in the school's pavement. It had apparently landed so hard that it was half-buried in the asphalt!

A forensic officer was spotted inspecting the UFO while police closely guarded the scene, which was roped off while investigations took place. The whole event was just the inspiration pupils needed for a creative writing day at the school, and was orchestrated by Emma Hassan, its literacy leader, with the help of one very creative parent and a local PC.

A parent had built the spacecraft for the school and also showed up dressed as a forensic detective. A police constable was also recruited to lend authenticity to the stunt. Many examples of creative writing were accomplished that day and a good time was had by all.

Amputee Survives Four Days in Outback

Raymond "Butch" Beattie of Irvinebank, Queensland, Australia, lost an arm almost forty years ago. He lost a leg in another traffic accident several years later. Now the 55-year-old has cheated death once again, by surviving four days alone in the Outback. Beattie was riding his quad bike with a friend when they became separated. Trying to find his way back to the trail, Beattie wrecked his bike, which went down a cliff. That was last Saturday. Beattie stayed in the same place waiting for rescue until Wednesday, when a Queensland Emergency Service helicopter rescue crew spotted him. Beattie is recovering in a hospital and was overwhelmed by the number of people who searched for him.

Government Shutdown Forces New Wedding Site

Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le had planned to say their wedding vows on the lawn of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. which is where they went on their first date. But their plans were shattered by the government shutdown and the subsequent closing of the capital monuments. Late night talk-show host Stephen Colbert stepped in to rescue the occasion by hosting the wedding on his show, The Colbert Report. Colbert himself performed the rites, with various celebrities contributing their talents. You can watch the wedding on video.

Squirting Tea Through His Chin

Footballer Gary Pake of Chatham, England, was injured during a game when he collided with a player on the opposing team. He took it on the chin, literally. He "plugged it up with a bit of Vaseline" and continued playing, but came to recognize how serious the cut was. Pake had a previous injury in the same spot, and the collision had reopened it. He left at halftime to go to a hospital. In the emergency waiting room, he remembered how he regretted not performing a stunt the first time he was injured on the chin, and was determined not to let the opportunity pass by this time. So he sipped some tea, and squirted it out of his chin! The stunt was captured on video. Pake received two stitches in his face. 

A Paddleboat for a Getaway Vehicle

Police in Waterford Township, Michigan, along with corrections officers, went to arrest fugitive Mark Steven Rood, Jr. on several charges including felony absconding from probation. They found him at home with his father, Mark Steven Rood, Sr. When police arrived, Rood, Jr. fled on foot and his father obstructed police attempts to give chase, resulting in Rood, Sr.'s arrest. Rood fled to nearby Lake Oakland and jumped into a paddleboat. The boat was anything but high-speed, and police watched as Rood slowly left the shore and eventually capsized the boat. He was ordered back to the shore, where he was taken into custody.

Half-ton of Bacon Falls on Swedish Man

An unnamed warehouse worker in the meatpacking district of Gothenburg, Sweden, was injured when a trolley turned over. He was buried under 500 to 600 kilograms of packages of thinly-sliced bacon. The worker was conscious when he was rushed to Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and his injuries were later classed as minor. A police spokesman said he's never heard of anything like this. The incident will be reviewed by the Swedish Work Environment Authority.