Nintendo Music Performed by Robotic Piano and Drums

Chris Higgins
YouTube / roboband
YouTube / roboband / YouTube / roboband

Got a player piano and some drums around? Why not hook them up to your Nintendo Entertainment System and have them play the soundtrack live -- including the bleeps and bloops when you get power-ups! Now you're playing with robots!

The technical details are explained in the YouTube description, but long story short, this is some Yamaha Disklavier + Raspberry Pi magic. My favorite part was around 2:45, in Mario Bros. 2, when the Princess gets a Super Star and that crazy Super Star music is played (with interruptions as enemies are defeated). Another fun bit is around 3:35, when the piano trills as Raccoon Mario wags his tail. Don't even get me started on the Zelda intro. Enjoy, my fellow nerds:

Here's the playlist, in case you want to skip around:

0:00 - Mario 0:53 - Mario 2 2:59 - Mario 3 4:06 - Zelda 6:02 - Mario 2 (End Theme)

(Via Waxy.)