The Magic of Green Screens

If you saw the recent film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, you probably didn’t realize just how much of it was artificially created. This amazing video combines the actual footage shot with the digitally enhanced end result.


If There Was An Infographic About the Best Infographics...

These would be on it.


Hack It So You Don’t Hack It

Don’t jack up your jack o'lantern. Use these clever tricks for carving pumpkins.


Making the Stadium Swap

Have you ever wondered how a stadium goes from hosting baseball to hosting football? This time-lapse video will show you, and make you marvel at how well this complex operation is pulled off.

Also: If you like football, you need to make sure you’ve seen these great gridiron flicks.


Creepy Dolls, Chewed Gum and Lots of Rats

Just a few of the weird tourist destinations you might not want to add to your next vacation.


The State of Your State’s Sports

If your state had an official sport, what would it be? I am rather ashamed to see that the “athletes” in my home state (Ohio) can only be counted on to stand in one place and softly chuck a beanbag.


Mapping Amazement

Hank Green explores 42 amazing maps to reveal some crazy things about our world.