All Puppeteers Put Your Hands Up

There’s a new show called Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge that will reward one lucky person with the chance to work with the house that made Kermit.


Advertising That Moves You...

Up a wall. And sends furniture scattering in all directions. Check out this special effect-laden prank pulled off in a coffee shop to promote a new film.


Illusion in All Directions

Project mapping uses standard projectors to cover 3D objects with incredible, mind-blowing graphics. Check out a really cool example of this cool new media. It’s really pretty amazing.


The Internet Wondered…

‘What would Parks & Recreation be like as a video game?’


The Terror of the Original Must-Have Toy

Before Furbies and laughing Elmo and kids that came from a cabbage patch, there was a talking doll invented by the great Thomas Edison. The only issue with them was the fact that their voices sounded like something from the depths of hell.


A Home For Eternity

When a homeless person passes away in New York City they are often buried on Hart Island, a small speck of land just off the coast of the Bronx that happens to contain a 100+ acre graveyard that is the largest tax-supported cemetery on Earth.


How Do You Say ‘Cheese’ In Vulcan?

Say what you will, but these families are really owning their geekiness.