Why We Kiss

I have often wondered why kissing is a thing we do. I guess maybe there's an evolutionary reason.


Sam Hyde Gave A TED Talk

Sam Hyde is a comedian. And he doesn’t seem to like TED Talks. So he sneaked his way into the gig and then used it to speak incomprehensibly for 20 minutes.


Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Out!

First there was Frank Drebin. Now this guy.


Game Changer

The National Congress of American Indians recently unveiled a campaign showing what it would look like if a sports franchise were to depict other cultures in a cartoonish way, as Native Americans are depicted with the use of mascots like the Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo.


That Was Funny?!

The things that make people laugh certainly shift over time. Need evidence? Read these jokes from a 1910 issue of Boys' Life magazine. Then again, maybe these were never funny.


I Love These So Much I Might Marry Them

Let’s revisit these 11 artistic renderings of Pee-wee Herman.


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