Swimming With Jellyfish

Chris Higgins
Vimeo / Sarosh Jacob
Vimeo / Sarosh Jacob / Vimeo / Sarosh Jacob

Photographer Sarosh Jacob took an underwater camera rig for a swim in Jellyfish Lake, a natural wonder in Palau. Jellyfish Lake is home to hordes of stingless freshwater jellyfish, cousins of their stinging brethren in nearby lagoons, but cut off in their serene lake. Because the jellyfish don't sting (they apparently have few predators and thus have lost their capacity to sting), you can go for a swim among them. If you saw Survivor: Palau, a swim in this lake was a reward for a challenge. If you can't afford a trip to Palau, this is the next best thing:

(Via The Kid Should See This, who also point to an excellent Great Migrations clip about the same jellyfish.)