Swimming In Cash

An appearance on the hit TV show Shark Tank can be a very, very lucrative few minutes, even if you don’t get a deal.


You’re Out of This World

And when you die, your body can be too. Here’s how you can be buried in space.


Street Art

The famous and elusive artist Banksy set up a table on a NYC street this weekend and began selling paintings valued at tens of thousands of dollars for only $60 each. And not only was there not a frantic rush of customers, there were hardly any customers at all.


Mrs. Harris Hates Her Husband

She’s just one of the colorful characters in this Blockbuster Video training film from 1990. Some really solid acting here. (“Solid” as in “rigid.”)


That Gives A Whole New Meaning to “Family” Home

After a Las Vegas home was rumored to have been the site of mob murders and haunted activity, the property was vandalized. In response, the owner called in Randall Bell, a real estate agent that specializes in assessing the impact that murder, tragedy and ghosts have on property values.


Ready or Not

Watch Lorne Michaels introduce the Not Ready For Primetime Players to a world that has never heard of Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd or Gilda Radner.


Lecter Loves Heisenberg

I promised myself I would stop posting Breaking Bad related articles, but this letter from Anthony Hopkins to Bryan Cranston is really cool.