Oregon to California in 5 Minutes (Time Lapse)

Chris Higgins
Vimeo / Matt Haughey
Vimeo / Matt Haughey / Vimeo / Matt Haughey

Matt Haughey, founder of MetaFilter, decided to drive from his home in Oregon to Berkeley, California. The fun part is that he stuck a camera on his windshield and shot time lapse video of the nine-hour drive. In this video he shows the journey with occasional annotations in the lower right ("Gorgeous Fall color through Southern Oregon"). Half the fun for me was seeing the various drive-throughs he encountered along the way -- but the other half was seeing how the terrain changes and the road straightens out as the drive progresses.

Haughey does, of course, pull off at the rest stop in Weed, California. A wise choice for any west coast trek (no, seriously -- that's a smart midpoint to take a break!). Enjoy:

Another fun way to view this: instead of watching the road, watch the sky. You can watch the clouds drifting. Congratulations, you just drove 615 miles! Haughey has posted more videos like this, experimenting with his GoPro camera.