This Band Is A Thriller

The Ohio State marching band is commonly referred to as “The Best Damn Band In the Land”. I guess you would have to be in order to pull off an intricate Michael Jackson tribute like this. Whether you agree with the subject of the tribute or not you can probably agree that pulling off the moonwalk in formation is amazing.


And You Would See the Biggest Gun Would Be From Me

Team Gold Force 4 is a comic book that reimagines the Golden Girls as a team of super-skilled assassins.


Need Proof That We Eat Too Much As A Society?

We take food so much for granted that there’s now a trend where restaurants serve grub straight out of a toilet bowl. Why?


A Life Without Numbers

The roughly 700 Pirahã people of South America speak a language that has no numbers. Not even one or two. In other words, you couldn’t translate either of the previous two sentences into their language. Or that last one. So, how does that work?


The Happiest Workplace on Earth

People training to be a costumed Disney character in the '70s had to watch this film.


A Life of Grime

Street graffiti doesn’t have to be a crime. With this product it can be a public service.


Buying Stock in the Stars

An NFL superstar has recently sold stock in his future income. Here are a few other celebrities that should consider this.