The History of "The Walking Dead"

Chris Higgins
YouTube / OfficialTWD
YouTube / OfficialTWD / YouTube / OfficialTWD

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of The Walking Dead as a comic book. The TV version of the story has expanded the book's audience massively, and both story lines -- book and TV -- are proceeding apace. In this twenty-minute mini-documentary, we see the origin story of the book, the show, and the creative forces behind both. While this isn't groundbreaking cinema, it's fun to see the early days, including Robert Kirkman's Kentucky home.

Representative quote: "The nerds won. One of the most popular shows on television is about zombies." -Chris Hardwick, host of Talking Dead (among other things).

Minor language warning: there's a little swearing in places.

For more, check out the 10th anniversary ComicCon panel video. (That's nearly an hour!)