Lunching With Leatherface

The house from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now a family eatery. Check out the interesting things that happened to other horror film locations.


Science to the Rescue: Gas-Suppressing Underpants

Just in time for the holidays!


It Pays to Lay

If you’re a super lazy person, you might consider heading over to Russia and becoming a Pillownaut.


Better Bad

Fixing Breaking Bad is a really funny web series where visual effects are added to really spruce up things.


Student Body

Jeremy Bentham won’t leave the University College London, even though he died in 1832.


Staying Classy

The latest trailer for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues has been unveiled, and that thing is good.

And: He got his own ice cream.



Nothing says relaxation like a Tetris chair.