In 2020, a mega-telescope in Chile will make its first observations. It'll be the largest telescope ever built (the enclosure is 22 stories high), it'll be wicked-powerful (seven 20-ton mirrors are involved), and its resolution will beat the Hubble Space Telescope (it's projected to have 10x the Hubble's resolution). This, my friends, is the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT), and it will be huge. In this short video, have a look at tons of renderings of what it will look like, and a peek at the mirror-manufacturing process already underway.

My favorite quote: "If we took this 27-foot mirror and then spread it out from coast to coast in the United States, east to west coast, the height of the tallest mountain on that mirror would be about half an inch. That's how smooth this mirror is." -Dr. Wendy Freedman.

For more tech details, check out this article.

(Via the always-excellent The Kid Should See This.)