Imaginary Female Trouble. Bad Whiskey. Fell From Horse In War. Novel Reading.

Just a few of the things that could have gotten you committed to the West Virginia Hospital for the Insane back in the 1800s.


Light the Way

This innovative new type of walkway absorbs sunlight and then glows in the dark.



WE’RE NUMBER ONE! At being killed by lawnmowers. Check out what every country leads the world in.


Your State of Mind

Speaking of maps, this map of the US allows you to match up your personality with the state with which it best fits.


You Can’t Take It With You

But that didn’t stop Michael Jackson from topping the list of highest earning celebrities by raking in $160 million in the last year.


Pumpkin Everything

It’s not enough to add pumpkin to muffins, bread, cookies, coffee, lattes, soup and waffles. Now you can turn a pumpkin into a keg.