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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Ghost Robs Liquor Store

A security camera captured footage of a man dressed in a sheet attempting to steal from a liquor store in Anniston, Alabama. The police were summoned by an alarm Wednesday morning. The man had fled the store when they arrived, but they watched the recording as the man went up and down the aisles, dealing with the eyeholes on his costume. The man ran off into the night without taking anything from the store. Watch the video.

The Ride of Kick Buttowski's Life

Electrician Helen Stevens got in her work van in Melton, Leicestershire, England, and sped off to another job in another town. She did not know that a cat was clinging to her roof! Stevens got up to 70 mph on the highway when she saw another vehicle flash its light at her. She pulled over, checked her van, and found a cat clinging for life to the roof! She took the terrified cat to a veterinary clinic. The clinic, where they nicknamed the cat Batman, put an appeal on Facebook to find the cat's owner. A friend called Ellise Pepper, whose 5-year-old son was worried about his missing cat, Kick Buttowski. The family was reunited with the cat the next day. Kick Buttowski still looks a little traumatized.

Woman Charged With Stealing Fountain Change

Deidre Romine of Bellafonte, Ohio, was arrested and charged with stealing $2.87 in coins from the bottom of a public fountain. Romine said she didn't believe the money belonged to anyone and she needed it for food. The coins were thrown in the fountain by people who make a wish. However, city officials consider that the money belongs to the city, and charges are pending against Romine. The community responded to the news by finding help for the woman, who was about to lose her home. An online fundraiser is up to more than $11,000 after beginning with a goal of $200. She has received help in other forms offline as well. Romine's trial date is November 25th.

Man Meets Internet Girlfriend: His Daughter-in-Law

A 57-year-old man named Wang in Muling, Heilongjiang province, China turned to the internet for entertainment after he retired. He met a young woman and chatted. She told him her husband was in jail and that she was a single mother. Wang also lied, telling her his wife was dead. Both used internet pseudonyms. The two arranged to meet at a hotel. Unbeknownst to the young woman, her husband Da Jun had come home from out-of-town work early and followed her. When the two internet lovers met, they were dumbfounded to find that they were related -the woman was Wang's daughter-in-law! That's when Da Jun confronted both of them. Da Jun, not realizing it was the first meeting between the two, beat his father until he was bloody, and knocked three of his wife's teeth out. All three were hauled to police headquarters, and Da Jun was jailed for assault. 

Cat Survives Bolt Through the Head

A cat in Wainuiomata, New Zealand, survived a crossbow bolt right through his head. When his owner Donna Ferari found him, Moo Moo was taken to a local vet who referred him to Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Janet Molyneux, director of the hospital, said Moo Moo was lucky to survive, and when the call had come in the team had assumed they would be looking at brain damage. "The arrow hadn't actually pierced anything or damaged anything or affected the eye," she said. "We really assumed the worst." "He's just been remarkably normal and happy and purring ... he's going to go on to be a completely normal happy cat."

The bolt had glanced off the cranium, sparing Moo Moo's brain. After surgery to remove the bolt, the cat was sitting up calmly. He is expected to make a full recovery. Police in Wainuiomata are investigating the incident. See an x-ray here.

Doping Scandal in Pigeon Racing

The Belgian pigeon racing federation sent samples from its athletes to a South African lab for testing, and the results came back showing that pigeon owners had been giving the birds cocaine and painkillers. Why were samples from racing pigeons tested in the first place? Because doping has been a problem with pigeon racing for more than ten years now. I would suppose that these are blood samples; getting a pigeon to cooperate in giving a urine sample would be difficult.