RIP: Marcia Wallace

Bart Simpson has been in the 4th grade since 1989, but soon he's going to be getting a new teacher. Marcia Wallace, the voice actor that played Mrs. Krabappel, passed away last Friday. Here are Edna Krabappel’s best episodes.


The Sun Is Not Getting Hotter

That is just one of the silly climate change denial theories debunked in this video by Nerd Fighter and mental_floss contributor Hank Green.


Killing to Preserve Future Death

The Dallas Safari Club is trying to save the endangered black rhino from being killed—so that future generations can kill them. And they’re saving them by letting you kill one of them.


Stranger Than Fiction

There are a lot of shocking and horrifying movie murderers. Unfortunately sometimes the real things are even worse than what’s on the screen. No matter how dark and awful Hollywood gets, they could never think up anything as awful as these real life killers. Contains some NSFW and NSFDHB (Not Safe For Decent Human Beings) content.


Where the Businesses Live

Did you know that there is a small, inconspicuous building in Delaware that is home to more than 200,000 different businesses? It’s one of the places discussed in this list of the 12 most powerful places on planet Earth.