They've Seen the Goat Sucker!

Residents of Picayune, Mississippi believe a legendary chupacabra is menacing their town—but scientists say it's something much more mundane. Here's how evolution created this mythical monster.


So That’s Why His Paintings Look Like Hallucinations

Salvador Dali may actually have been hallucinating.


Unlocking the Mystery

So that’s how it works. This GIF of a lock & key is oddly entertaining.


Love Hurts

TIME put together this rundown of injuries sustained by couples, um, in the act. It really does prove the old adage about how love will make you do crazy things. This may be slightly NSFW.


OK, the Internet Is Now Too Full of Cat Pics

Because our computers are starting to smell like cat urine.


Judge These Books By the Cover

The concept behind the Googly Eye Books blog is really pretty self-explanatory, but the results are often pretty amusing. (Via Laughing Squid)


Time to Head to Anoka, Minnesota

After all, it is the Halloween Capital of the World. How so? Because they said so. Or you could visit one of these other odd, self-appointed Capitals of the World.