The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania
Canada Border Services Agency
Canada Border Services Agency / Canada Border Services Agency

Pumpkins Filled with Cocaine Seized

The Canada Border Services Agency report seizing two kilograms of cocaine from a passenger's bag at the Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. The cocaine was hidden in three pumpkins found during a search of a female passenger's luggage. The report does not specify what country the passenger came from. You have to wonder who came up with this idea, knowing that fruits and vegetables are particularly scrutinized at border crossings.

Trail of Curly Fries Leads to Suspect

A teenager at an Arby's outlet in East Lampeter Township, Pennsylvania, served an order of food through the drive-through window to a man who appeared to be intoxicated. The man reached back through the window and groped her! The victim took note of the vehicle as it left and called police. Police found the vehicle in a motel parking lot. There was no need to inquire about which room the man was in, as he had left a trail of Arby's curly fries and sauce that led through a hallway to his room. James Randolph Cowan Jr. of Fitzgerald, Georgia, was arrested the next day on a warrant for indecent assault.

Flock of Ducks Invades Drugstore

Around 50 ducks walked into a CVS store in Saratoga Springs, New York, last Thursday. Two sets of automatic doors accommodated them, and they waddled through the store as if they were shopping. An employee tried to shoo the ducks out, but was unsuccessful. The ducks did respond to the lure of a bag of popcorn and followed the employee who was distributing the treat out the doors. The caper was captured on video. The ducks left no damage besides muddy footprints.

Dell Replacing Smelly Laptops

Customers have been complaining since June about some models of Dell's Latitude E6430u laptop, saying they smell of cat pee. Some say the overwhelming odor makes the computer unusable. Without elaborating, Dell says the problem in the manufacturing process was corrected in October, and laptops made after that should not have the smell. Laptops with the smell of cat urine can be exchanged for new models. Which is only right -after all, the experience of watching cat videos on the internet shouldn't be accompanied by the ambience of a litter box.

Woman Arrested for Driving on Railroad Bridge

Carrie R. Strahler of Belpre, Ohio, was arrested after driving her SUV onto a railroad bridge spanning the Ohio River between Ohio and West Virginia. Police responded to a report of a car on the bridge, and walked down the tracks to escort Strahler off the bridge. The car was stuck on the tracks high above the river, and had to be removed with a CSX crane. Strahler was charged with DUI and trespassing. Police don't know how long she had been driving on the railroad tracks.

Students Hospitalized Over Axe Body Spray

Emergency crews were called to Medgar Evers College Preparatory School in Brooklyn Wednesday after a hazardous smell was detected. It was later determined that someone had released Axe Body Spray in a room full of sixth graders. Eight students were taken to a hospital for treatment, although no serious injuries were reported. The school is investigating and promises disciplinary action.

Highgate Wallaby Captured

A wallaby had been spotted roaming a cemetery in Highgate, a suburb in north London, England, over the past week. Nicknamed Jean, the marsupial was finally captured Thursday after it was spotted by carpenter Oscar Chettleborough, whose mother reported the sighting to police. Who did not believe her. But the police called the RSPCA, which came out and took the wallaby with no trouble, as it had wandered into a school playground and was being fed by students. The wallaby is being held at an exotic animal facility for the time being. No privately-owned wallabies have been reported missing.