A Goofy New/Old "Star Wars" Trailer

YouTube / Slacktory
YouTube / Slacktory / YouTube / Slacktory

Last week, a rare Star Wars blooper reel hit the web, and I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in laughter, and were suddenly silenced when the bloopers ended. Now, those bloopers have been cut together into a sort of alternate-world Star Wars trailer. In this trailer, the classic film just didn't really come together, but they released it anyway. Enjoy:

And here's that blooper reel (note that sound doesn't come in until the 0:48 mark):

Related: if you're a Return of the Jedi fan, I trust you've already heard about the guy releasing previously-unseen alternate takes from Jedi on Facebook. But if you haven't, seriously, go look at that.