A Brief "Big History" of Salt

Chris Higgins
H2 / Big History
H2 / Big History / H2 / Big History

Salt is a crucial part of human history. It's embedded in our political history, our language, our bodies, and of course our food. In this trailer for an episode of Big History, narrator Bryan Cranston* gives us a taste of the history of salt:

If that looks interesting, you can watch the whole episode online for free. Not bad, right? (The full version does include three ads.) My favorite part starts around four minutes in, explaining how various roadways have been constructed around animal trails that led to sources of salt, or were created primarily to carry salt. It's a fun way to spend your lunch break! (And you can get lesson plans for Big History, if you're into that kind of thing.)

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* = I think it's fun that Bryan Cranston, most famous for portraying the chemist Walter White, happens to be the narrator of this show about a mineral. Of course, other episodes cover non-chemical topics.