Treat Trick

Jimmy Kimmel has once again asked his viewers to trick their children into believing they’d eaten all of their Halloween candy. *

Swapping the Suburbs

In this TED talk, Ellen Dunham-Jones discusses the future of crumbling strip malls and underperforming asphalt. *

Because We Love Celebrity

We let them shut down traffic to hit golf balls down a major traffic bridge. We humans really do some curious things with our time on Earth. *

Twenty Years Later

The AV Club is showing a lot of love lately for the year 1993. Here they count down 16 pop culture windows into that bygone world. *

How Do You Pronounce GIF?

It’s a long-fought battle. See how most people pronounce GIF, Data, Cache and other techy terms. *

King Tut’s Autopsy

Researchers feel that they have now determined that King Tut died while kneeling. And that his body burst into flames at some point. *

He Sort of Shoots, He Kind of Scores

This Kentucky basketball player scored on his own basket, but he did it in such a cool way that he should still celebrate.