Why One Woman Studies Physics

Chris Higgins
Vimeo / Xiangjun Shi
Vimeo / Xiangjun Shi / Vimeo / Xiangjun Shi

In this short animated video, Xiangjun Shi (who goes by "Shixie") explains why she studies Physics. Of course, it helps that she also studied Animation, so can make great stuff like this. (This is her Animation graduation project.)

Discussed: the crazy stuff Physics tells us; the beauty of Physics-based thinking; symmetry; circles; the Universal Doughnut; the Ultimate Equation; irregularity; and more.

And here's another video by Shixie, called Penguin Physics: Torque and Precession. "If we spin our penguin, it has no linear velocity, but it is still moving." Enjoy:

(Via Open Culture.)