10 Cool Handmade Toys Kids Will Actually Want

Etsy / Etsy

Sometimes you can find hand-crafted, made-in-America, wholesome toys that your children will actually want. Ten examples are offered below.

1. Wood Crossbow and 3 Rubber tipped Arrows, $20

Why You Like It: Demonstrates real-life physics in action, and is a great way to open a discussion about the Battle of Hastings!

Why They Like It: Makes for more realistic zombie-apocalypse play. 

2. Superhero Costume, including cape, mask/crown, and wristbands, $30

Why You Like It: Handmade in plush fabrics, personalized to order. Helps children form early identification with the power of good.

Why They Like It: Now it’s not just jumping on the couch. It’s flying

3. Pop-up Tent and Sleeping Bags for dolls $25

Why You Like It: Well-crafted, portable toy that inspires imaginative play while idealizing an active lifestyle.

Why They Like It: Everyone has those cookie-cutter Barbie accessories, but your child is the only kid on the block with this one. Now Barbie can go camping in style!

4. Native American Style Chestnut Flute, $65

Why You Like It: A rich opportunity for your child to learn about the culture of the Native American through the pure simple sound of an indigenous-styled instrument.

Why They Like It: Because it makes noise. Duh.

5. Hand sewn 18th Century Costume Dress, $200

Why You Like It: Steps outside the stranglehold of Disney while still providing your daughter with an heirloom quality, historically accurate costume.

Why They Like It: This dress takes glam to a whole new level.

6. All Natural Homemade Fingerpaint, $10

Why You Like It: Sure, finger paint is easy to come by, but knowing this was carefully made by a home craftsman with non-toxic materials makes it a special buy.

Why They Like It: Because your curtains/carpets/walls are the wrong color, and they’ve been meaning to do something about it.  

7. Wooden Toy Catapult, $25 

Why You Like It: Who wants to learn about gravitational potential energy and fulcrums? Who doesn’t? 

Why They Like It: Everything from uneaten bits of food to the head of their sister’s favorite doll becomes a weapon, and what could be more fun than that?

8. Toadstools Skittles Game, $40

Why You Like It: An elegant and playful take on a historic game, one which encourages active play.

Why They Like It: For the pure joy of throwing something hard and knocking other things over.

9. Viking Armor, Helmet, Shield and Axe, $72

Why you like it: How adorable will your little non-gender-specific child look in this handcrafted tribute to history!

Why They Like It: The villages to the South have cookies. To the longships! 

10. Beetle Mounting Kit, $24

Why You Like It: This kit has everything you need to start your child on a voyage of discovery regarding the beauty of the natural world!

Why They Like It: Stabbing pins into dead bugs. Awesome.