11 Prank Gifts for April Fools' (Or Any Day of the Year)

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Whether you're a skilled mischief-maker or a newbie who needs a few ideas, these 11 gag gifts will either make you the most popular prankster around … or the bane of someone's existence. Prank wisely!


banana phone
banana phone / Amazon

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone! For April Fools' Day, put this Bluetooth-enabled ringing banana, which you can pair to your cell phone, in the middle of a fruit basket. Stay within range and watch as bystanders go bananas while looking for the source of the call.

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2. CRAYONS; $13

box of Crayola crayons
box of Crayola crayons / Amazon

Replace all the pens and pencils in your coworker's desk or family's home office with crayons, and simple tasks like taking messages or making to-do lists will devolve into hilarious frustration. Trust us, no one can keep from laughing at the absurdity of jotting notes from the morning meeting down in chunky elementary writing utensils in colors like 'Asparagus' green or Pink Sherbet.

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Bathe and Brew gift box
Bathe and Brew gift box / Amazon

Are you known for giving fairly terrible gifts? Get in on your own joke and make the coffee addict in your life squirm when they see this convincing-looking shower coffee brewing display gift. They'll be so relieved when they realize it's not real that any present you did buy them will seem like a major upgrade! (Pro tip: Try getting them a bag of their favorite coffee beans to pack inside this spoof gift box.)

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The Farting Animals Coloring Book
The Farting Animals Coloring Book / Amazon

All of those coloring books full of intricate mandalas are great, but sneaking this adorably low-brow option into a stack of more calming coloring books is essentially the modern version of slipping a whoopee cushion onto someone's seat.

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Toilet paper earrings
Toilet paper earrings / Etsy

These dainty, dangling earrings are sure to get a laugh out of your friends, who might initially mistake them for serious jewelry.

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envelope full of glitter
envelope full of glitter / Ruindays.com

Glitter never goes away. Ever. So be warned that if you send a glitter prank, your friend-turned-frenemy will likely be sparkly through Labor Day. That said, watching an unsuspecting person open an envelope full of glitter? Probably worth whatever punishment—prank or otherwise—comes your way.

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magic relighting candles
magic relighting candles / Amazon

Speaking of gifts that keep on giving, April birthday parties are just begging for a few relighting candles.

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Wireless mouse
Wireless mouse / Amazon

For the coworker who is always complaining that their computer has a mind of its own, this prank is sure to confound. Pair a wireless mouse with their computer and quietly control it from nearby, throwing some chaos into the workday. Is it strange that their computer spontaneously starts blaring "No Diggity" every time they walk away for two minutes? No doubt. (Just make sure you confess and show your coworker that you disconnected the pairing by the end of the day!)

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prank blinker fluid
prank blinker fluid / Amazon

Like selling people on buying bottles of "dehydrated water," convincing a more clueless driver that they need to invest in blinker fluid is a long-standing tradition. Want to play the long game? Put a few drops of water in this empty "blinker fluid" container, leave it on a shelf in their garage, and see how long it takes them to head to the store when they think they need a replacement bottle.

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10. TROLL CAKE; $35-60

cake with a troll comment on it
cake with a troll comment on it / Troll Cakes

Got a friend with a penchant for internet commentary, or a trolling uncle you want to get back at in a sweet way? Troll Cakes turns cutting remarks into utterly hilarious cakes, and this so-called "bakery and detective agency" can even locate the address of anonymous social media trolls.

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retro phone handset
retro phone handset / Amazon

Love confusing the general public? Sit on a park bench or a corner table at a fast-food joint and carry on a normal conversation through this retro phone handset.

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